I know, I know…why oh why use that tired phrase…winning!…just sounded funny at the moment like all those annoying men I write about and I am here to promote funny!

So with that, I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Wow, I have to say I can’t believe it after being on here a mere short 2 months. I just started out posting for the fun of it and to have all the positive responses from you, this amazing community, I appreciate it more than you know as we all know blogging is fun but also time-consuming. We put our time but more importantly our hearts into what we write so of course it’s rewarding when it’s so well-received.

As part of being nominated, I’m supposed to thank the person that nominated me. So most importantly a super big THANK YOU to Full Time Gangsta (http://fulltimegangsta.wordpress.com) for nominating me (yes I am retarded with links so work with a sister, please)! Please check out her blog. Thank you again Full Time Gangsta!

Now, I have to tell you seven things about myself (like you didn’t already know enough):

  1.  Believe it or not, I’m not in love with serial dating; I’m more of a monogamous person who enjoys being in relationships (well, I guess you can guess why with the nonsense I have been through).
  2. I love rooting for the underdog whether in life, in a movie, or out on the football field.
  3. I say a prayer whenever I see an ambulance go by…for that person and their loved ones…that they will make it through and be granted health, safety, and strength.
  4. I’m a gourmet cook (and still, the guys don’t come running…weirdos! lol).
  5. I love cars and car shows.
  6. I’m brunette.
  7. I’m a working model 😉 (no, not for anything raunchy…actual legit, paid modeling).
More factoids to come on me in future (hopefully :)) award nominations.

Now, I need to nominate 15-20 bloggers who I think you must check out…most, of course, are dating blogs, but some are other areas I’m interested in or just find funny. So I’m spreading the blogger love with…

Full Time Gangsta (http://fulltimegangsta.wordpress.com) …Miss twenty-something has a lot to say on dating and check out her “dating challenge!!” section on her 52 Dates in 52 Weeks which she is just starting

The Narcissist (http://narcissistsblog.wordpress.com/) …She is so open and you really feel everything she is going through…love stories mostly with the awareness of personal growth

My Next Date (http://mynextdateblog.wordpress.com/) …Steve tells of his dating trials and tribulations and remarkably it’s not only us women suffering! His blog just makes me feel better…aawwweee, thanks, Steve! 🙂

Blame it on Disney (http://blameitondisney.wordpress.com/) …Fairy tale inspiring Miss Z is a early 30-something Brit who shares her love wishes for forever

Ella Elle L’A (http://ellayourbella.wordpress.com/) …A self-professed young, hot “Blaxican” chick living in Newport Beach and talking about her hook-ups in a humorous way…very funny, sarcastic writer

Chronicles of A Serial Dater (http://thebachelorettedallas.wordpress.com) …The trials and tribulations of a Dallas bachelorette’s dates…I can relate even in LA! 🙂

Three Months to Forty (http://threemonthstoforty.wordpress.com/) …The happenings of dating after a 14 year hiatus…woowee!

I Am Not Defined (http://iamnotdefined.wordpress.com) …Life stories from the “Zebra” not the sheep (read it and you’ll understand)…you have to love her advice column!

36 And Single (http://36andsingle.wordpress.com) …She’s newly single and sharing my (yes, I said my…we have that in common) dating woes…lordie lordie

Sorry I Am Not Sorry (http://sorryiamnotsorry.com) …Her title alone is reason enough to take a glimpse at this one…this blond “never apologizes for being fabulous” and neither should you!

Snarky Snatch (http://snarkysnatch.wordpress.com) …Her hyper-sexual blog is not for the sensitive but there are moments that really touch me…there is a depth beneath with hidden secrets revealed…for instance, check out “Signs you might be dating a sociopath”…and I have too 😦

The Single Girl’s Guide to Dating (http://singlegirlsguidetodating.com) …A Singleton’s tips for another on how to maneuver around the frogs in order to find Prince Charming

Dating Superstar (http://datingsuperstar.wordpress.com) …A Southern girl moving to the Northwest and trying her hand at online dating since she’s cross country and away from anyone familiar…my oh my!

Kiss And Hide (http://kissandhide.wordpress.com) …A girl on her single life who just tried a newer online dating site for the first time

The Lady in Red Ink (http://therealladyinredink.wordpress.com/) …Grad school student and editor, Caitlin, talks about life and love

La Femme Roar (http://lafemmeroar.wordpress.com/) …A woman with the right life sentiment of laughing over crying…who doesn’t love that?

The Ugly Moose (http://theuglymoose.wordpress.com) …His thoughts from his morning shower presented in a very sarcastic way. Hilarious!

Grammaniac (http://grammaniac.com) …A copy editor dishes on bad grammar with funny signs pointing out the atrocities! With my background as a professional writer in the marketing biz (haha), I notice these things bother me too particularly with men in their online dating emails

A Mostly Serious Nurse (http://amostlyseriousnurse.wordpress.com) …Always fascinated by and somewhat knowledge about the medical industry, I find this nurse’s off-the-cuff blog with a not so sexy but often humorous behind-the-scenes look at a “General Hospital” type environment very interesting

Sandie Star (http://sandiestar.wordpress.com) …her section The Cabbie Chronicles  is funny to me as I remember the most interesting cab drivers in Thailand and can relate…I can’t wait for the rest of her series.

I will contact these bloggers shortly to let them know I’m nominating them!



PS – For more info on the VBA, how to respond to a nomination, and how to get listed as a winner, visit http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com